What we heard

  • No chicken, chillies instead please
  • garlic bread with mozzarella cheese please
  • extra cheese
  • Very spicy and bbq base
  • without barbecue sauce please thanks
  • Extra chilli and mayo, on chips and burger
  • thin base pizza for both, if possible plz add chilli on vill
  • thin crust and black olives on both of them
  • could you please change topping of onions with pineapple plz
  • no spicy sauce or corn replace with xtra cheese and freshtom
  • No BBQ sauce on pepperoni feast
  • please put bbq sauce on the meat feast pizza. Thank you
  • Thin crust base
  • no jalapenos please
  • do not add mushrooms
  • no non veg toppings please
  • Thin base please.
  • Thin and crispy pizza
  • Diet Pepsi/ diet coke please. Chilli sauce and garlic sauce
  • Very Spicy please..
  • extra cheese and pepperoni on pizza please
  • please NO HAM.+pineapple&sweetcorn+ extra garlic sauce
  • pepperoni without cheese
  • Please can we have diet coke... Many thanks
  • 1) Thin Crust 2) Medium Spicy
  • No double cheese extra pepperoni and jalapeños thanks
  • without barbecue sauce please. thanks
  • not too spicy. thanks

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