What we heard

  • Thin crust & Diet coke please! :) thanks..
  • Thin crust Low Fat Cheese Pineapple instead of Tomato
  • please replace onions for sweetcorn
  • Please No chillies, some jalapeño, And base well bake.Thank
  • To be delivered at 1pm today.
  • with more jalepeno
  • thin crusts if possible:)
  • No tomato, add black olives nd green peper, deep pan .
  • no mushrooms
  • Custom: tuna, jalapeño, prawns, onions, anchovies, spicy sa
  • Please can you make it diet coke...
  • Village Veg - half village veg and half spicy hot veg
  • Please replace tomatoes with mushrooms
  • please add mushrooms to spicy hot vegetarian pizza
  • Veg Pizza: Thin Crust. No Mushrooms on either pizza
  • Vegetarian NO ONION Jalepenos on both.
  • Thin base please.
  • Diet coke please and cheese on the garlic bread.
  • chicken special deep pan pepperoni feast thin pan Thank
  • Extra cheese and pepperoni on pizza
  • Add olives please
  • please change topping of onions with pineapple
  • Thin crust please.. :) Diet coke rather than normal coke.
  • Add chillies mushrooms black olives on vege pizZa
  • Garlic bread with cheese please and diet coke.
  • without sweetcorn please thanks
  • without barbecue sauce please thanks
  • thin crust olives and no sweet corn

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