What we heard

  • Please add pineapple on to my pizza
  • extra jelepinos
  • No onions and no mushrooms on one of these vegetarian
  • No chillis & jalapeños on half the pizza please
  • without barbecue sauce please. thanks
  • No bbq sauce on pepperoni feast
  • Mushrooms instead of tomato please.
  • Deep pan on both pizzas
  • Thin crest, pepperoni without cheese
  • Thin base and garlic bread with cheese please
  • thin base please
  • Extra bbq sauce base
  • black olives on both pizza please.
  • 7up or tango no coca cola please
  • Only chicken with no other toppings
  • Add more of jalepino in both pizzas
  • can you please put cheese on the garlic bread, thank you
  • extra cheese, red onions
  • Bright Blue Door
  • mushroom instead of fresh tomato
  • Thin base please.
  • No chilli sauce on vegi pizza
  • pizza: 1/2 margharita, 1/2 BBQ veg replace onion with olives
  • Both thin crust, pepperoni no cheese
  • Extra cheese and pepperoni on pizza
  • Thin crust base Garlic bread with cheese please
  • Extra onions in burger
  • No jalepenos on pizza

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