What we heard

  • Extra cheese & pepperoni on pizza please.
  • Extra bbq and chilli sauce base
  • Can I add extra ham only in chicken special pizza please.
  • Garlic Bread with cheese and thin crust base.
  • vegetarian thin base, pepperoni pizza not so much cheese
  • can you replace fresh tomato with mushroom on village veg
  • Extra bbq and chilli sauce base please.
  • Possible to substitute Drink for Extra garlic bread?
  • No tomato.just sauce.thank you
  • would like extra large pizza thin base please
  • normal sauce not spicy no onions olives instead
  • diet coke please... :) And Happy New Year!
  • plz dont ring the door bell just give a call whn u reach ..
  • Dont ring the door bell. Call me when you arrive
  • Swap chillies with mushrooms.
  • Chicken instead of tuna please.
  • Can we have half Hawaiian and half spicy hot vegetarian
  • Cheese , olives, ma shroom on pizza
  • Please replace the toping Chilli with Black Olives. Thanks.
  • can i have diet cola please
  • Can we get garlic and herbs dips
  • Garlic sauces please.
  • Please let it be medium spicy
  • in both pizza no tomatoes add mushroom instade

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