What we heard

  • No onion but mudhroomd instead please. Thin crust
  • Garlic instead of tomato please
  • without barbecue sauce please.thanks.
  • one mild and one hot,both in thick pan pure vegenomushroom
  • medium spicy
  • No sweetcorn at all in any pizza please.
  • no mushrooms.
  • instead of 2xchips, 1xcoleslaw and 1xpotato salad please.
  • Extra cheese and mushroom on both pizzas
  • garlic bread with cheese , chilli sauce
  • On one pizza no mushrooms but add ham and bacon pls.!!!!
  • Please can I swap fresh tomato for garlic. Thanks
  • No tuna please can you replace it with lamb mince please
  • No onion on the extra large pizza pineapple instead please
  • without barbecue sauce please. Thanks
  • No mushrooms please, extra sweetcorn will be perfect.
  • medium spicy plzzzzz
  • Both pizza bases to be deep pan please
  • burger needs to be well done with salad and sauce less oil
  • could you please replace onions with jalepenos
  • make it very spicy please
  • please can you put mushrooms on both pizzas

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